3 Things Worth Waiting for Before Adsense Payout

Today I received Adsense PIN! I cannot explain how happy I am. Here is the picture of the card sent by Google inside which the adsense PIN resides.

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adsense pin envelope

I have applied for AdSense a long time ago. As I have said in the post-Youtube – The fastest way of earning money online! it’s very easy to get approval for Adsense through YouTube, unlike blogs. So I started making videos. The revenue started to add from the first day itself.

Unless the estimated YouTube earning reaches the threshold which is 100$, I will not be paid by AdSense. By January 2015, I reached the goal of earning 10$ in youtube. Adsense showed me a notification saying that they have sent me an adsense PIN for address verification and only after verifying that they will accept a payment method (either cheque or EFT). So the threshold for address verification is 10$. And the threshold for Adsense payout is 100$.

3 Things Worth Waiting for before Adsense Payout


Account set up and approval:

Setting up an Adsense account is very easy but getting an approval is really hard if you are doing it for a blog. It depends on the geographical area as well. If you are a resident of UK or the USA, it is very easy to get an approval. If you are from India or Pakistan then you may have to wait for 6 months or more. This is because of the fake AdSense accounts and other hacks.

The easiest way to get approval for Adsense is through YouTube. It gets approved as soon as you sign up. This is what I recommend for fellow YouTubers. You can start earning from the first day itself!

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The Second fastest way of getting approval is through Admob. If you are an android app developer then you must be aware of Admob. Admob serves ads to your app. Once you sign up with them, they will provide you a code to place in your app as per your convenience. The ads will show up as soon as you publish your app. This way you can monetize your app with Adsense with Admob acting as a middleman serving the ads. But I keep hearing that Admob pin not received from fellow developers. Most of the times the reason is postal service delay.


Reaching the threshold:

This is the longest wait I had to face. Adsense threshold for minimum payout is 100$. Unless this amount is reached, you are not getting a penny from Adsense. That makes sense in a way. Google wants you to be a serious blogger or YouTube or a good app developer. But I tell you, getting to that mark can be a tedious job. Do not use any shortcut to reach that amount.

One of my friends who got Adsense approval for his blog told his friends and colleagues to click on the ads. He didn’t know that Google can detect this anomaly. His account got disapproved. No payments were issued. So be careful in this waiting period. Let it happen. Don’t use shortcuts.

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In the meanwhile romote your blog on the social network, forums etc., Create a facebook page, twitter page for your blog, Let the traffic flow in. It will take care of the threshold. In the meanwhile write quality posts that in someway helps your users.


Adsense PIN:

Once the earning of 10$ is reached. You’ll receive an adsense PIN sent by Google through the post. This is done for address verification. So be sure about the address you provide while signing up. You can change the address anytime though. If you do not receive a PIN on time, you can ask for one more pin. If you don’t receive that PIN as well, you can ask for one last time. If you still haven’t received the PIN then you should notify google about it. Google has an online procedure to verify your address through the documents you provide.

So I finished waiting for all these and today I’ve received an adsense PIN. Actually it’s quite late considering the fact that I reached the threshold of 10$ just in two weeks after I started my YouTube channel (pretty quick isn’t it?). That is January 7th, 2015. But I received the PIN by March 20th! That doesn’t make sense. Google said that it would be delivered within 2 to 4 weeks. That means I should have got it at least by February 8th. Then I found the answers for the delay. It’s India Post! They delayed the delivery. Doesn’t matter now. I got my PIN, verified address and I will be getting paid soon.

Here is a pic of the card and what it had.


adsense pin


Inside the card:

adsense pin inside

And I eventually got my first Adsense payout.

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Here is a screenshot.

Adsense payout reciept

Thanks for reading!