Nothing feels better than first adsense payout!

After all the hard work, it feels good to get paid. There was a time when I thought Adsense, online money making and everything is a scam. Even now many of my friends don’t believe me that I’m earning from Adsense. I literally have to show my AdSense payment page for them.



Was it hard to get the first adsense payout?

Yes. It was hard. But when you compare it to the joy of first payout, it’s nothing. It is not impossible. If I can do it then you can do it. Find your passion, work on it, make it a business. If you like to repair shoes then be the best cobbler in town. Whatever you do, there is an option to monetize it. When there is passion involved in what you do, you never feel it like a job. If you have multiple hobbies then you are in luck to monetize all of them and stick to the one that pays off. I had a passion towards what I was doing. It felt like I’m never going to succeed in this. I thought I’m never going to make money with the things I like. But I kept on doing it. Now it does take care of my expenses. It was hard initially, but now it is my routine. When you are create something online like a video, blog post etc., you are creating something immortal. Keep that in mind.


What does it take to earn online?

Passion, determination, perseverance. . actually none of those. You need common sense, that’s all. There is a business in each and everything. Let me tell you a simple example. I’m a Chess enthusiast. But just being that doesn’t fill my stomach. I had to make it a business to make up my expenses. I followed these things

1. Chess Coaching (online & offline)

2. Selling Chess Boards

3. Conducting Tournaments

4. Making youtube videos of chess tactics

Just with a game I found 4 solid ways to make money and 3 of them are online! I always admired the power of the internet! Its capacity to reach millions of people. Coaching online was never a hard task for me. With some tools and contacts, I was on my way to earning in dollars (works out well for an Indian).

The Story of how I started to sell Chess Boards is an interesting thing. I was searching for cheap chess boards all over the internet but couldn’t find any. Then I went to the source of how it is made. You may have seen these international standard Vinyl Rollup Boards. The price was ₹400.


I got to know that it’s nothing but a canvas printing. So I thought why shouldn’t I do this. I searched for a printing center where they do canvas printing. I wanted the design for printing. I found a quality chess board file on Wikipedia, but the board was black & white. I made some color changes and added alphanumeric around it (I’m good at photoshop!).

This is what I got!


I did print them out, and they were as good as an international standard chess board! It costed me around ₹230. So I started selling them on eBay for ₹300. People buy it because it is cheap and there is no compromise in the quality.

Tournaments can earn you money in a day. But there is hard work involved in that as well. This is how it works

Fix an optimum registration fee

Fix a cash prizes (should be below the amount collected by registration)

Spend some amount for medals, trophies and certificates.

Go home with some cash left in your pocket!

Youtube videos earn you quite a good amount without any maintenance. You put it there once and it earns for you forever. I have discussed this already in Youtube – The fastest way of earning money online!

So the point is, you can find a business in each and everything! All you need is common sense. Be practical. You can make money even if you are in a forest.



Don’t be a slave forever, work for yourself. Have a business, small or big, have one. Multiple income sources is a must in the present world.