Youtube – The fastest way of earning money online!


With the new Youtube Partner Program policies, youtube may not be the quickest way to earn money online. Read more.

If you are looking for the quickest way to make money online, then it should be YouTube! YouTube is transforming the way we discover information on the internet. That is the reason it is the second largest search engine after Google! There are 3 billion searches on YouTube every month!

Considering all these statistics, it is easy to get your youtube videos to your audience.

The best part is you can earn on the first day itself!

Statistics say it all!

YouTube claims that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!


This is right from YouTube Statistics. It is just 10 years old. Imagine the traffic and revenue generation for YouTube in 2025! You have a brilliant scope for your videos – if not now – maybe in the future.

How to get paid on YouTube?

This is my channel statistics on the first few days of YouTubing


The screenshot is from an android app called Creator Studio for YouTube. I had few videos posted by then. They were good and people are watching it. They will watch it forever!

Making money through blogging takes time. If you chose Adsense as the primary income source, then you have to wait for months get an approval for your blog. Whereas for YouTube, approval is instant! You can monetize a video right after uploading.

The key point here is, you have to make videos.

Ok, so what kind of videos one can post on youtube?

Almost everything!

Except for some content that violates the YouTube terms and conditions, all other videos are allowed.

You can post product reviews, news, tutorials, vlogs (video logs) . . You don’t believe if I tell you people are earning just by shooting their cat with a mobile camera! Your webcam can also serve as a camera for videos!

Choose a niche in which you expertise. You might be a professional chess player, you can make videos on chess tactics and strategies. You might be an animal lover, you can make videos on how to groom them, how to feed them, anything related to animals. You might be good at electronic gadgets, you can review them. You may have a good voice, you can make some tutorials on anything you know or you just learned. You may have no talents as such, just buy a drone and fix a camera to that for aerial shots!

If you are out of ideas then you can narrate top 10s of anything interesting like ‘top 10 creepiest incidents’, ‘top 10 movies of all time’, top 10 hackers in the world’ etc., So browse for something interesting and make a video. YouTube is filled with such videos and they do get a lot of hits.

For instance, Joseph Garrett started a YouTube channel on Minecraft Gameplay. Now he has more than 1.9 million subscribers. He makes millions out of his one channel!

Things to keep in mind

It’s easy to make a video and post it on YouTube. But there are things to keep in mind before posting them.

  1. In a channel post only about one topic. Do not mix up too many things.

  2. Make quality videos. Take some time to edit them. Make some good thumbnails that attract people to your videos.

  3. Post only your videos, do not copy from someone else and post it as your video. Do not use even a bit of music made by others. You can get into trouble by doing so. Copyrighted material shouldn’t be included in your posts without approval. If you do it for three times then your account will be terminated.

  4. Use the right keywords and thumbnails. Do not deceive your viewers.

  5. Share new videos on the social network as soon as you post them.

  6. Track your video statistics, comments, subscriptions, sharing etc., Reply honestly to every comment. Build a rapport with your viewers.

  7. Finally post your earnings in the comment section below.


This was taken on January 30th, 2015

youtube earnings


This is as of February 24th, 2015

youtube earnings


This is as of February 28th, 2015

Youtube Earning


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