I had a Demat account by 2015. But for some reason, I did not proceed to buy anything. I actually did not have any time between a full time job and a part-time job. Even in those days I somehow managed to get a Demat account from Zerodha. They were really helpful in every step.

After many months I realized I should invest a part of my income in the stock market. To be frank I was watching Billions TV series. That’s when I realized I have a Demat account!

Stocks and Shares - what are they?

As per my understanding buying a share from a company means owning a part of the company (even if it is 0.001% of the company). If the company makes profit then you make a profit otherwise you will lose your investment.

So your luck depends on companies track record and market trend. You should keep track on quarterly report and current affairs.

While creating Demat, a zerodha employee Abhay suggested me to keep 5000Rs in it so that I can buy some shares. But I did not buy for a long time. When I checked after many months I still had 4989Rs! So I thought why shouldn’t I start with that as a capital - Just 5 thousand!

I bought some shares right away(of course after some research). Here is a screenshot.

zerodha stock kite

From one company I have made a profit(not yet) of around 200Rs but with others I have lost(not yet). But overall I have a profit of 158Rs!

That is a small amount but if you invest more you will see drastic changes in the invested capital(in both ways!). Three stocks are at loss but I will wait for them to go up and make some profit.

This can be very small compared to what people usually invest but I’m not jumping in with both feet. I can lose all of it in no time if I do so. So watch this space, I might turn around with a good news!

If you want to start trading then opt Zerodha. I have so far experienced a good service from them.