I have invested in few things and majorly on equity.

I used to day-trade on Zerodha but it turned out I suck at it. After that bitter experience I started investing in value stocks.

I buy good stocks and keep it for longer duration. But the key thing here is how to find a good stock. I just read at a few blogs, reviews, watched some TV shows and decided to invest in few companies.

It cannot go any worse than investing based on others opinios; especially the clowns that show up in TV shows. I suggest my readers not to do that.

I have read books, watched videos on how to select a good stock. I have come to the conclusion that I invest on things that people use and are happy with.

I do not invest in a company that I’m not sure of what they do. This way I was able to cut a lot of crappy companies from the portfolio.

I’m holding on to some shitty companies because selling them now would be a big loss. Let’s see if they ever make any progress.

Zerodha portfolio

I’m in loss right now but I hope it will be alright if a few of the stocks perform well in the long run.

I’m happy with Zerodha and Kite platform. If you would like to try then go here Zerodha Signup

Mutual Fund

I have been investing in Mutual Fund for a while. It is an index fund from SBI. I invest 1000 per month.

I’m planning have at least 5 different funds with 1k each invested every month.


I have not invested in gold so far but I intend to do it.

There was this guy in my first company that used to buy 1gram of gold as gold coin, every month from his salary.

Such a simple idea. At the end of the year you will have 12 grams. As we have seen, gold prices keep on raising.

Interestingly, Gold price raises even on global crisis like war, epidemic(recent corona virus) etc.

I recommend my readers to invest in Gold at least like the employee I mentioned above.


I have been investing in Soveriegn Gold Bond and I think with a Dmat account buying and selling gold becomes easy!

I don’t think many of us will consider this as an investment. But, I believe it to be a good investment.

If you are selling a product/service, you can always use Google Ads to gain leads and conversions. Google Ads is costly but with proper optimization, the cost can come down ro a reasonable amount.

I use Google Ads because I cannot optimize every website to rank top on Google search engine. For new businesses, Google Ads is a boon.

to be continued…