I would like to share all(almost) my income sources in this post.

I used to work for a MNC till 2014. After I left the job, there were some hard times earning money.

Chess Coaching

I can’t thank enough to my friend for giving me this opportunity to teach chess online to a few kids in the US.

This was my sole income when I left Cognizant. I wouldn’t have survived without it.


I started making YouTube videos on what I knew about web designing. It started earning a small portion of my income.

Webdesign Projects

I created a web designing portfolio and started writing about a niche tech. This way, I ended up getting clients.

I was one of the rarest experts in that tech and people would pay me to build their websites using that tech.


I worked on a company website which worked out very well for them SEO-wise. They asked me to be a consultant for them. I work 2 days a week at this company. They pay me a good amount for the work I do.

Partner in a company

I became the co-founder of a startup. Initially, I used to get paid on a project basis. These days I have a decent income from the company.


I have a website where I list Webdesign themes. Most of them are free some are paid. When people buy a theme, I get paid a commission.

This isn’t much right now but I guess it might get accelerated with more effort.


I run ads on some websites that earn me a little bit of money. At the moment, this amount is also negligible but I hope it will take good pace.