I have started this new thing called Intermittent Fasting.


It is simple and economic. You just fast for 16 hours a day. You can eat in the next 8 hours. That’s it.

I live in a metro city and I work in two offices. I work on my projects also.

All this work is done on a comfortable chair. No physical exercise.

To fast for 16 hours, I have to choose the slot in a day. Initially, I thought I will have breakfast and lunch and fast after 2:00 pm. That does the hob but preparing breakfast in the morning is exhausting compared to preparing dinner.

So I decided to leave breakfast and have lunch by 1:00 pm. This way, if I have dinner at 9:00 pm, the next day 1:00 pm would be 16 hours of fast.

I do not have to cook in the morning. I only have to cook two meals at night and take that as lunch the next day.

This has saved a lot of time for me in the morning, be it for meditation, be it for long cold showers, I have time.

cold water showers serve two purposes, one increases immunity(which I’m not sure of) and saves electricity cost(I’m pretty sure of this one).

I often end up working on some of my projects in the morning itself. I think this is the most productive time in a day.

This routine has improved my life in multiple ways.

  1. Obvious health benefits by reducing weight.
  2. Less stress because I don’t have to cook a different breakfast every day.
  3. More time for my hobbies.
  4. Money saved since I’m eating only two meals a day.

I see a lot of changes in my body. Nowadays, my pants slide down without a belt. belly fat has been disappearing day by day.

I have man-boobs. It is getting reduced in size. I might finally be able to wear my favorite T-shirts again.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that I have stopped drinking alcohol of any kind. My under eye dark circles are pretty much gone but I’m not sure if this is the reason.

Not drinking has some difficulties with benefits. Alcohol is the major glue for social-gathering among our friends.

It has been some time we have done that. I think it is a good thing because I have saved a lot of beer money.

True friends will remember you no matter what. I’m ok to lose some of my “alcohol only” friends for good.

I’m trying to enter Autophagy using long duration fasting. I will update it if I get good results.