India so far has 500+ Coronavirus cases. Compared to China, Italy, and Iran, this number is negligible.

Lockdown in India!

The way India handled Coronavirus is commendable. India not only supplied masks to China in the wake of this epidemic but also prepared herself for one.

People from the United Kingdom who were traveling from India went through a rigorous health checkup at the airport but as soon as they landed in England, there was nothing. No checkups being done.

We are in stage 2 right now moving towards stage 3 on which controlling this virus becomes a real challenge.

Prime Minister Modi has taken strict action to lock down the entire country for 21 days. No one should come out of their residence.

I thought that the decision might cause panic among the citizens since they might rush to get the groceries.

But, it so happens that the essential commodities like rice, lentils, milk, etc, are still sold.

I still think 21 days is too much to contain the pandemic. I think they want at least a week of strict lockdown and then gradually life goes on as usual.

Before calling for the lockdown, PM Modi called for a self curfew - “Janata Curfew” - which became a big hit. No one was seen on the road. There were no policemen to impose it but people themselves followed the orders.

A clear example of how a leader can influence people if he is doing something for a good cause.

I’m glad that I left Bangalore 2 weeks ago. Right now, I’m at my wife’s place. For a long time, we did not get to spend quality time together. This lockdown is kind of a second “honeymoon at home” for us!

The market has seen the bottom now. As I mentioned here, I have bought some shares already.