I have been unsuccessful in fasting in the past. The maximum I got to is 2 days, that too incomplete. I weigh 87Kgs now. I think I have to reduce it atleat to 80Kgs.

This time I want to make a pact that I would water-fast for 3 days starting this Monday the 15th.

I’m writing this in advance so as to be a little serious about it.

In this time, I would concentrate on work, maybe read a book, nothing else.

I cannot tell this to anyone close to me because they would definitely judge me. I have heard a lot of “insights” from my relatives about my intermittent fasting. So this time I will be careful not to open my mouth(literally because while fasting it stinks)

I think fasting is the most difficult thing for me. When I was in Bengaluru I used to get up early, go for a run, do some exercise, walk back home, take a shower, and meditate for 10 mins but fasting was challenging.

It was the case mostly because in a city you can just get about anything to eat if you just walk out of your door. You can order things on your phone and they come to your door.

Since I’m in a small town now, I don’t have those perks for my own good I guess.

I will update the progress of my fasting here. If it goes well, I might do a 1-week fast.

If I complete this, I’m treating myself with a Kindle.

Wish me luck.


First 24 hours completed!

It was fine. I have done a day fast before. I usually eat a nut or drink coffee but this time I just had water.

It feels like my stomach is trying to tell me something so bad but I’m not listening.

I recorded a video for a youtube channel of mine. But I wouldn’t say it was a productive day. By noon I felt really lazy, watched some Netflix and slept.

It is hard watching my wife eat my favourite snacks and I can’t do anything. It hurts.

Update 2

It failed. I went to this marriage on the second day when I was about 34 hours into the fast. I couldn’t resist and ate some peanut mixed fruit salad.

I ate in the night as well. So I consider this to be a failed fast but I’m not giving up. I will be fasting again from 17th to 20th.

One positive thing is that I’m around 86kgs now which is a kilo less than my starting weight!