CoronaVirus is spreading in India but at a slow pace. Thanks to the Indian government which is trying relentlessly to curb the pandemic.

CoronaVirus - An opportunity? sensex nifty down after corona virus

The stock market has plummetted today. I should not be happy for this but I kind of am. Because it opens up as a good window to invest.

I did not wish for this to happen but I’m pretty sure that it will be alright pretty soon and the stocks will bounce right back where they were.

I had some spare cash sitting on my bank account that I keep as an emergency fund. I spent some of it to buy a few stocks that were at their lowest.

I had to use this opportunity to invest some cash I had into the market. I’m not sure if we will ever get such opportunities.

I bought shares of some companies and the majority was from Mahindra & Mahindra, and Tata Motors.

Over a period of 2 weeks, I have bought more stocks of a total of ₹30000. I might invest more if the candles stay low.

Having cash at this moment is crucial too because you never know which of your relatives or friends get affected. You should be ready to bear the cost of their treatment.

We keep an amount as emergency fund which covers 6 months of our expenses even if we do not get paid from any sources of income. This fund has has given us a lot of mental relief.

I have used a part of the emergency fund we had. It might sound stupid using the emergency fund which is meant for emergencies like this one.

The way Indian Governemnt is handling the situation, i do not think we need to hoard any essentials.


I was right about investing at the time of this crisis. Here is how it fared.

Stock market after corona

The market has gained momentum and moved beyong the previous high.