Hey there!

Let me introduce you to FireFortune. FireFortune is a blog where I would like to give my users the power to be independent and to be their own boss. I will be posting tips and tricks for blogging and YouTubing!

This blog would also feature my journey of making a fortune (if I make any!). I’m also willing to help anyone who would like to take blogging or YouTube as their profession.

About Me

My name is Sharath. I’m a hobby blogger. I used to work in a big Information Technology firm. Being in IT always made me think I’m just another lamb among thousands. We all work for someone else, not for ourselves. There are some points to note when you are in the IT profession.

1.  You can be replaced.

No matter what your expertise is and what your experience is.

2. No one gets rich in IT

Don’t you believe me, take out a list of top 100 richest people in the world. Ok, take 200 richest people in the world. Find one employee among them.

They are all entrepreneurs. They found something on their own. They may have worked before, but they don’t anymore.

3. No job guarantee

“IT jobs are subjected to market risks. Please read carefully about terms and conditions. In the event of a recession, you can be laid off”

4. Work hours

Working hours are a minimum of 8 hours a day. That’s too much. For me at least.

5. Less hikes

Hikes in MNCs are like rain in a desert. It rarely comes and not significant.

6. Commute

Commuting to the office is such a hassle these days. You lose hours if you stay far from office.

Considering all these cons, I thought why shouldn’t I do something for myself. That takes care of my expenses, owned by me, it should keep growing as time goes by. I don’t have to commute to work. I shouldn’t be forced to work 8 hours a day etc., The simple answer was to earn through online resources. That is where I got into Blogging and Youtubing.

about firefortune

I have a network of blogs. All are of my interest. Some blogs are doing good, some are not so much and some are earning nothing. But they do well in the long run.

RedGadgets: A tech blog

KidsChessWorld: A chess blog

Nallikayi: A non-profit podcast in my mother tongue

Nallikayi Articles: Article part of Nallikayi.com

FireFortune: This blog, more of a personal blog

WebJeda: A portfolio of my business

WebJeda Blog: A modern web development blog

You might be thinking –after reading all the cons of IT I mentioned – I must have left IT for good. But guess what I didn’t. I’m staying for a while in IT. This is because I want a consistent flow of income to my account.

I eventually (Aug 2015) quit my job as I had a consistent flow of income from online sources.

So this is about FireFortune. If you have similar experiences, let me know here.